Hi! I am Bella who Introduce Korean news to you!

Today, I want to tell you about the standard of congratulatory money and condolence money you have to pay if you live in Korea!

Koreans have their own standard of congratulatory and condolence money!

But foreigners don’t know the standard!

I’ll explain it to you!

In case of congratulatory money in Korea!

We have to pay in odd numbers!

Why pay in odd numbers?

Why? The odd number is set because the odd number in the Asian region has a good meaning.

Now, let me explain the standard for congratulatory money!

30,000 won – almost no trend, because it is lower than the cost of food!

50,000 won – do a lot! you feel a little bit close or Ambiguous relationships usually have this amount.

70,000 won-It is not enough to pay up to 100,000 won, but within 50,000 won is embarrassing.A team mate or a team captain, etc.

100,000 won-you feel very close.personal intimacy or Bestfriends. Some very close friends save money and buy furniture for congratulatory money

Next, I’ll tell you the standard for the amount of the condolence money!

Acquaintance of father / mother be bereaved: 100,000 won or more, if best, 200,000 won or more.

Acquaintance of Grandfather/Grandmother be bereaved: 50,000 Won

Acquaintance of Brothers or sisters be bereaved: 50,000 to 100,000 won

But! If you’re in your mid-30s, you can think of it as doubling that amount!

How do you like it? if You go to a wedding or a funeral in Korea!

Please refer to this article and pay the price!

I hope it helped you a lot!

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