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Today, I will show you about corona virus the government’s announced isolated person living expenses in Korea!

The government will provide 1.23 million won in living expenses based on a family of four for those hospitalized with the new coronavirus.

The applicants include foreigners such as Chinese.

Vice Health and Welfare Minister Kim Kang-lip made the announcement during a regular press briefing at the Central Accidental Training Center at the Sejong Government Complex on Tuesday.

Today, the notice of “pay leave and support for living expenses in the wake of the outbreak of the new infection syndrome and
Central Accident Prevention Division ” has been finalized, Kim said, adding that the application will be accepted from Feb. 17.

Those eligible for such living expenses include foreigners such as Chinese.

“In the case of foreigners, we can provide support,” Kim said. “We will pay a month if we isolate them for more than 14 days.”

“Foreigners support single-person households,” he added. “We will tell you as soon as we know the number of foreign self-price capitalists.”

The subsidy is 454,900 won for 1 household, 774,700 won for 2 households, 1002,400 won for 3 households, 1.23 million won for 4 households and 1,457,500 won for 5 persons, depending on the number of households.

The conditions for living expenses are those who have been hospitalized and isolated according to the infection prevention method, who are under quarantine after receiving quarantine notices issued by the health center,

who faithfully implement measures under the infection prevention law, and who have not received paid leave under the infection prevention method.

The cost of living support can be filed by the isolated person in the municipality (eupmun-dong) under the jurisdiction.

Those who are quarantined for more than 14 days will receive one month’s emergency welfare support. The amount is 454,900 won for one household, 774,700 won for two households,

1002,400 won for three households, 1.23 million won for four households and 1.45 million won for five people. If there are more than five persons in the household, the amount of the household shall be applied.

“Since there are 14 days of quarantine from the date of the danger, such as contact with a confirmed person, we will give you a month’s amount of emergency welfare support if quarantined for more than 14 days,” said Kim Kang-lip, Central Accident Prevention Division .

Those who are quarantined for less than 14 days will receive the deducted cost of living support. If a person belonging to a family of four is quarantined for 10 days, he or she will receive 878,600 won, or 14th of the monthly living expenses of four households.

The date of isolation shall be calculated as the date of receipt of a notice of home isolation and release of isolation.

Even if the entire family is quarantined, living expenses will be paid only on a generation.

“Because living expenses are a concept that supports living expenses for generations, there are not any additional support just because there are many people who are quarantined,” said Kim.

Applications for living expenses will be made at the community center of the resident registration site of the sequester from April 17.

Workers who are quarantined due to new corona receive paid vacation costs.

The government only compensates employers for their expenses if they provide paid leave to workers who are hospitalized or quarantined under the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

The amount of support will be set based on the worker’s daily wage, with the daily limit of 130,000 won. Business owners can apply at a branch of the National Pension Service nearby.

The cost of living and paid vacation is not supported due to overlap.

Meanwhile, the Joong-soobon(
Central Accident Prevention Division ) said there is no clear regulation on compensation for losses if businesses are shut down due to concerns over corona virus.

The Infectious Diseases Prevention Act is a necessary measure for quarantine, and contains compensation rules for the overall closure of medical institutions, but there is no regulation for general operations.

The heavy water body said it will refer to cases in which it compensated for losses at workplaces set up in medical institution buildings during

Central Accident Prevention Division in 2015 with a decision by the loss compensation review committee.

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