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In Korea, there was an increase in the number of Korona virus infections today! But!!!! one of them is completely cured!

And with the prospect of two more complete cures, a total of five people will be fully recovered!

Let me introduce the details in the article!

Out of 25 patients confirmed with new strains of coronavirus infection in Korea, a third case has been reported.

Two of the patients undergoing hospital treatment are also expected to have two more discharged patients in the near future as symptoms have disappeared.

An official at Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang said Monday that the No. 4 patient, a 55-year-old male and a Korean, was discharged from the hospital around 9 a.m. The central quarantine task force also confirmed the patient’s discharge.

Patient No. 4 is a 55-year-old Korean man confirmed as Shin Jong-Korona on April 27 after returning home from Wuhan, China, on April 20. As the fourth confirmed case in Korea, he was hospitalized at Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang. The hospital has been discharged after 14 days of inpatient treatment.

In addition, one out of every four patients hospitalized at Seoul National University Hospital has improved, with medical staff considering leaving the hospital.

Professor Kim Nam-joong of Infectious Medicine Department at Seoul National University Hospital said at a press conference on the 7th that the condition of the four patients, who are currently being treated at Seoul National University Hospital, is relatively stable, adding that one out of every four patients can leave the hospital anytime soon.

Patients hospitalized at Seoul National University Hospital are No. 6 (aged 55), Korean (aged 54), Korean (aged 54), Korean (aged 11), Korean (aged 25), and Korean (aged 59) and Korean (aged 59).

In addition, patient No. 3 (aged 54, male, Korean) who is being treated at Myongji Hospital has no symptoms. Patient No. 3 has the longest treatment period among the remaining patients, who were confirmed to have been diagnosed on April 26.

Previously, the No. 2 confirmed patient (55-year-old male and Korean) was discharged from the National Medical Center on May 5 and the No. 1 patient (35-year-old female and Chinese) was released from the Incheon Medical Center a day later.

Experts here predict a steady increase in the number of evicted patients confirmed in Korea and under treatment as none of them are seriously ill.

“There were many patients who needed a respirator during the MERS era, and many people were dialysis because of broken kidneys, but it seems that there are no serious patients in the case of the new Korona,” said Ahn Ki-hwan, head of the Central Clinical TTF team.

TF also said that it did not use antiviral drugs called ‘ribabirin’ and ‘interferon’ that are known to have large side effects since all Korean patients are suffering from ‘severe’ symptoms.

The 25th patient (aged 73-year-old woman and Korean) who was added on Tuesday also has no fever, and is known to be in stable condition.

If two real-time PCR tests, which were conducted 24 hours apart after the symptoms disappeared, show “voice,” patients can be released from isolation or discharged from the hospital at the judgment of the medical team. Discharge may take into account underlying diseases, aftereffects and patient doctors.

25 definite diagnosis cases of new corona, 3 completely cure.

Source:Korea Economy TV

There is no vaccine yet in Korea! But More and more people are getting cured!

Hong Kong University said April or May is the time when the coronavirus is the most severe, but at the current pace of full recovery in Korea,

Before that, coronavirus is getting more and more fully cured! If the vaccine in Thailand is successfully developed,
I don’t think there will be any problem with overseas travel anymore!

Although foreign students studying in Korea are worried a lot! The reality is not so much as in the news!

I’ll give you real-time news on the coronavirus!

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