Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today I will introduce you to a program and also give you the expression “brain sexy man/woman”!

It’s been a while in Korea, but the term “brain sexy man” was once popular!

what is brain-sexy man?

A word that reduces a man with a sexy brain. refers to a man with a clear mind, eloquent, humorous and intelligent charm.

Korea used to have a tendency to place importance on appearance, which was popular only when it was handsome!

But now smart men are popular!

On the contrary, handsome people become very unpopular when they seem stupid or ignorant!

However, if you are handsome and have a high level of academic background and knowledge, you will become very popular! Get the title of a brain-sexy man!

Korea had a chance to be called this brain sexy guy!

That’s because of the program being aired on tvN as a Problematic Men!

A Problematic Men is a man who uses his knowledge to solve problems that can be solved every time!

There are so many difficult questions! Many smart people come out and even solve quizzes together!

So if you come on this program and answer the question, then! Uhh! That’s a brain-sexy guy.

It can be popular, too!

Korea has so many things to do! You have to look good and be smart! It’s really hard, isn’t it?

So, in Korea, for example, when you send a message Kakao Talk, the spelling is wrong, so if you don’t write it correctly,

we don’t want to talk anymore because we are so much less in love!🙁

I think it’s a waste of time to date a stupid man or a stupid woman!

What is your country like? If we use this expression, will it serve a good thing?

It seems to be a very good expression only in Korea!

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