Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea!

Today, I will introduce the most popular character in Korea, Peng Soo!

First of all, Giant Peng has YouTube! He is a trainee character on a Korean educational broadcasting station called EBS!


Why Peng Soo is so popular!

Peng Soo is a character with a growing narrative. he left home from Antarctica and came to Korea.

he didn’t come by anything, but he only swam. he misses home and wants to see him mom and dad.

him going through everything with one dream of becoming a bts creator.

However, BTS may not be able to appear in the show, but they are aiming to grow their senior members of the same agency, World Class PORORO.
Here’s a setup that I thought was really amazing.

It’s Peng Soo’s residence.
Peng Soo lives in the corner of the EBS prop room. What kind of trainee in the world lives there?

Under the circumstances, Peng Soo is practicing. And YouTube subscribers are exploding.

You can see the conflicting nature of these two situations. The more Peng Soo looks like a loser, the more brilliant his success is.

Peng Soo is a trainee with the EBS. When you think of the images that people think of trainees, they’re fresh, energetic, extremely polite, and they’re a little bit frozen somewhere.

Is that who they really are? No, it’s packaged. But what about Peng Soo?

Peng Soo boldly rejects such wrapping paper. he’ll be honest with you.

We even ask for some money by mentioning President Kim Myung-joong’s name, and go to the venue to take pictures with our boss.

Korean People don’t like people who can’t express themselves. Peng Soo sincerity makes you feel friendly.

Giant Pengtv is not an infant program.

It’s a program that targets the current trend of ‘adults’.

And Peng Soo throws healing comments that can impress adults.

And adults feel so much healing watching peng soo!

I’m more loved for being honest and shameless!

Actually, I don’t understand! Many people say that the character itself is cute!

But I don’t like peng soo! But there are so many people he like that I think to myself quietly!

These days, in every Korean broadcast, they change Peng Ha! and mix they name. For example, my name is Bella!

Bell-ha! like use it a lot!

If we don’t know Peng Soo these days in Korea, we’re even called spies!

How do you like it? Do you feel cute image?

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