Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I think I’m going to introducing a lot of news about the corona!

There’s been good news that seven people are fully recovered, but the airlines are in a very bad situation right now.

Since neither Koreans nor foreigners come to Korea and all countries near China do not travel.

Airlines have a policy of drastically reducing their schedules and changing all their flight time so they can cancel it for free.

So Jeju Air has entered a crisis management system, so I will explain it to you in detail because news came out today.

Jeju Air will go beyond emergency management to enter a crisis management system. Management will take the initiative by returning more than 30 percent of wages, and the unpaid leave system, which was conducted for flight attendants, will be expanded to all employees.

“The demand for air travel has been severely reduced due to the problem of new Korona virus infection following oversupply and Korea-Japan relations last year,” Jeju Air CEO Lee Seok-joo said in an in-house daily on Wednesday. “The airline industry has entered a crisis that is so serious that it has to worry about survival beyond the reduction of profitability.”

To cope with the crisis, the management will first return more than 30 percent of its wages, Lee said, adding that the company will maintain job security, a personnel principle for Jeju Air, but expand the unpaid leave system to all employees.

Since last year, Jeju Air has pushed to boost profitability, scale its fleet and reset investment priorities, but it has suffered operating losses and showed limitations in improving its performance. It plans to enter a crisis management system and find a breakthrough through self-rescue measures.

Jeju Air has entered a crisis management system, but some have denied the possibility of its failure to acquire Eastar Jet.

“The due diligence period for the acquisition of Eastar Jet has only been extended and we are proceeding without a hitch,” said an official from Jeju Air.


My friends are want to a trip to Vietnam, but everybody who travels in the company must self-isolation for two weeks.
they came down to the instructions, and my friend cried and canceled all trips.

However, my friend airline was Jeju Airlines, but airline had to change the return flight time, so if we don’t agree, we can cancel for free.

we want to travel on my own, but the company itself is notifying not to travel, so Koreans can’t travel.

There are many good prospects in the future, so I hope everyone can travel freely!

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