Hello, I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today I really want to introduce you to a broadcast program that shows my personal interest!!><

These days, Korea has many programs to travel and experience other countries!

So there are many famous actors and actresses who travel to other countries and shoot them!

This time on JTBC, three actors I like on a program called “traveller”

I heard that the travel program will be launched!

So I want to introduce to you so much!

Why do I introduce a program to travel to other countries?

They go to the other country and introduce Korea and other culture in person, and this is really different from Korea.

Feel good about the other country or not, they can explain to you the difference! Even handsome people explain to you

It stars Kang Ha-neul, Ahn Jae-hong , and ONG SEONG WU!

Kang Ha-neul was very popular not long ago because she appeared in a drama called ‘When The Camellia Blooms’ and became very popular.Many people say that the good personality is also good

Actor Ahn Jae-hong also looks really different in the drama ‘Be Melodramatic’ and he is starring in movies a lot these days!

Ong Seong-woo was selected from Produce 101, and he first showed off the idol, but now he’s on his way to becoming an actor.

They are showing a lot of different sides!!

So, even Koreans are very satisfied with the combination!

There’s already a trailer for episode 1


Look at the trailer! I think they can give you fun and new!

And if you fall in love with the actors who appear here, you will be interested in the works that they did!

Wouldn’t it be attractive to Korean dramas?

It’s the first show since 2020.02.15 in Korea!

I’m looking forward to it very much! It’s D-3!

The purpose of the traveller program is a documentary-style travel program that speaks only of travel from the perspective of travelers.

Would you like to feel Argentina from the Korean perspective?

Look at it!

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