Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Just before, I introduced you to a Korean job called ‘public official’ but this time, Korean women’s dream job, ‘Air plane attendant ‘

Let me introduce you!

Why did Air plane attendants become popular jobs in Korea?

That’s because the image of traveling freely and only pretty girls can be Air plane attendants members!

Did you know that the Air plane attendants have the proper weight table for their height?

There are Asiana Airlines and Korean Air representative in Korea, but the standards of the two airlines interview are different.

Korean Air likes a woman who is more Korean and Asiana Airlines likes a person who looks sophisticated.

And to be a flight attendant, you have to be a bit tall, you have to be in good shape, and you have to look good with crew hair.

And when you become a flight attendant, blind dates will come flooding in!

Because I think the flight attendants are really pretty and have a nice body, so many blind dates come in!

And the cosmetics that flight attendants use all the time are making headlines and popular!

As if the comment “cosmetics used by Air plane attendants” runs, Korean women buy it without even thinking about it!

Because the airiness is very dry, flight attendants are very picky about cosmetics!

That’s why the public respects their choice because they share and use moist and good cosmetics with each other!

I heard that stewardess is what you can do even if you are over 30 years old and have fat on your stomach in a foreign country!

But in Korea, most of them are in their early and mid-twenties and only support pretty girls.

So many people in Korean women just dream and think of air crews.

I think this is very funny.

Crews are just one job, and I think they’re just imagining something so pretty.

In fact, they often quit right away because I find it too hard to get a job at the flight attendant.

And because they only think of the good image, they don’t know the real situation and just challenge it.

Of course, a flight attendant is an attractive job, but I think it is silly to risk one’s life just by challenging a flight attendant too

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