Hi, I am Bella who introduce Korea to you.

Today, I want to explain to you why the job of ‘public official’ is so popular in Korea.

I heard from my foreign friends that the job of public official is not very popular in other countries.

But in Korea, there is a lot of competition and it is called a dream job.

Why is that?

In Korea, there is a system called voluntary retirement, so you have to retire at a certain age.

But once you become a public servant, you can live on a pension for life.

And at first, they start with low wages, but they’re not going to be forced to quit their jobs for the rest of their lives.

I’ll explain it to you in detail!

These days, Korean youth are all in a frenzy to become public officials.

Noryangjin hagwons are always full of people who have flocked to become public officials.

Even those who are working at decent ordinary companies rush to become public servants. Here are the main reasons.

In terms of lifetime income, civil servants’ income is higher than that of most conglomerates, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Plus, retirement age is perfectly guaranteed unless you quit on your own.

¶ Pension benefits are extraordinary.

The general public in Korea is struggling with the need to pay a full salary to guarantee their livelihood to the retirement age, regardless of whether they are capable of it or not, and also to provide their comfortable old-age pension.

Therefore, in Korea, civil servants are a fool if they can’t. Something is definitely wrong with Korea today.

A former Constitutional Court chief who receives the highest retirement benefit from the civil service pension was found to receive 7.2 million won a month.

According to the data Lee Chae-ik of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party received from the Government Employees Pension Corporation today (July 7), there were four people who received retirement benefits worth more than 7 million won per month.

The first and second places received 7.2 million won and 7.16 million won, respectively, as the former head of the Constitutional Court, followed by 7.12 million won for the former chief justice and 7.01 million won for the former dean of Seoul National University.The total number of pensioners for civil servants is 419,000, and the average monthly wage for each employee is 2.4 million won.

Lee Chae-ik said, The average monthly pension amount of the national pension is 377,000 won, and the No. 1 recipient receives 2.04 million won per month.

The relative deprivation of the general public will be great in that there are several recipients who receive civil service pensions worth more than 7 million won per month, although they are different from their financial resources and personality,” he said.>>

2018.10.7 days, KBS reporting –

[Source] Kimhs2769

I have many friends who are preparing for civil service even after graduating from a good four-year university.

I feel sad whenever I see them, they spend three or six years trying to become civil servants, not one or two years, and they end up failing.

There are too many cases.

Only a lot of public official think it is their success, and Korea, which is building this system, is also very unhappy.I think we need a little change!

You don’t understand this culture at all, do you? I don’t understand too!

But if you live in Korea, you will see people preparing for public service more than you think!

In a way, it’s a job culture in Korea!

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