Hello! I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

What I want to tell you today is Valentine’s Day in Korea!

Tomorrow is February 14th, Valentine’s Day!

You know what? Every country has different valentine!

Valentine’s Day in Korea is when women give chocolate to men!

As far as I know, in France, men give chocolate to women!

And did you know that Valentine’s Day in China is not on February 14th?

In China, it is called Chilseokjeol(七夕節) and it is Valentine’s Day on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month!

And in China, because of the idea that there is good luck on a day when the moon overlaps with the day of work, the Chinese Chilseok Festival means so much!

There are also many couples who register their marriage on the Chilseokjeol(七夕節) of Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day in the U.S. is even more famous as a day to confirm love between couples.

Especially on the day when my husband has to present his wife flowers and cards.

In the U.S., Valentine’s Day, birthday and Christmas are important anniversaries that my husband must bring his wife’s gifts and convey his love.

What does Valentine’s Day look like in Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is a country in South Africa.

On Valentine’s Day, lovers go to Safari to appreciate animals and nature, confess their love, and visit the magnificent Victoria Falls.

The man also gives the woman a red rose as a gift and eats together

In Mexico, Valentine’s Day is known as “Love and Friendship Day” and there is a custom of giving balloons and red roses to friends, family, or loved ones.

In many countries in the Middle East, it is legally prohibited to observe Valentine’s Day because it originated in Christianity.

It’s really diverse, right?

In Korea these days, girlfriends who want to give special presents to their boyfriends on Valentine’s Day are going to make chocolate themselves.

We can either go to the Chocolate One Day class or buy special chocolate ingredients at home and cook!

Or many people just prepare presents for boyfriends who hate chocolate!

‘My boyfriend is this much loved!!’To show that! Korean girlfriends invest a lot of money!

And as much as korea woman spent money on Valentine’s Day, korea woman want to get the same thing on White Day on March 14!

When I talked to my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, I thought it was really different from country to country!

Like in Korea, you make chocolate for your boyfriend or register for your boyfriend in the one day class Can you draw or do it yourself?

Korea is really committed!!

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