Hello, I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ celebrates the Oscars! I will introduce to you the recipe for the jjapaguri from the movie!

When the movie was released in Korea, so many Koreans tried cook!

Here! I will teach you the recipe!

Ingredients:One jjapagetti, one spicy taste Neoguri ramen, 160g of loin end , salt & pepper & olives oil little by little.

1.First, cut the loin end to suit your standards. Add salt, pepper, and olive oil and mix them well.Let the meat soak well

2.Put noodles, Dashima, and fry in boiling water and boil over medium heat for about 4 minutes. *It’s better to cook only 90 percent of the noodles!

3.Bake in a preheated frying pan with ground meat until golden.

4.Now, sift the noodles out and filter the water, and put 150ml of hot water, jjapagetti powder & olives seasoning oil, and 1/2/3 of the Neoguri powder soup.

Mix well over low heat for about 1 minute!

*When you put in all Neoguri powdered soup, The taste may be salty, so adjust it to your liking!

5.And if you add the grilled meat and mix it well, the dish is over!

I introduced this jjapaguri to you in commemoration of it! I guess many foreigners were very curious about this jjapaguri!

This combination is very delicious! It’s a little bit salty and delicious ramen!

If you can go to a Korean mart, I recommend you buy ramen and try it!

It’s a regular ramen, but you can feel like eating really high-end ramen!

Do you want to try?

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