Hello, I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today, I will introduce KakaoTaxi to you!

When Koreans take taxis these days, nearly 70 to 80 percent of Koreans use KakaoTaxi.

It is easy to call a taxi, and in Korea, 90% of people use KakaoTalk.
It is easier to use, and various discounts and information and prices of the article are all disclosed, so I think it is safer and more people are using it!

The news of Kakao Taxi entering Japan has been heard since December 2018.

But today, it came out as a news report, and kakao company said even Southeast Asia will be provided with a service to use KakaoTaxi.

In Southeast Asia, I used Grab a lot when I traveled because the application called Grab is very popular.

If Kakao Taxi becomes available, I think I will use Kakao Taxi even when I travel to Southeast Asia

I’ll explain it to you in detail!

Currently, KakaoT provides roaming services overseas in Japan and Vietnam. The service calls mobile means from abroad through the KakaoT application, which is linked to “Japan Taxi” in Japan and “Grap” in Vietnam.

For example, if a person traveling to Vietnam turns on the KakaoT app and calls a taxi, it automatically connects to Grab and the taxi arrives. KakaoT will also increase the size and region of airport pickup services being tested in Vietnam.

Kakao is also interested in services for overseas tourists visiting Korea. Individual travelers will be highly dependent on apps as domestic information is dark, Lee said, expecting that a lot of traffic will be generated if information is contained in KakaoT apps.

Regarding this, he predicted that such a service would be possible by linking Grab and other apps through Split. For example, if a foreigner executes Grab when he or she visits Korea, it is linked to KakaoT app to provide related services.

In this case, the taxi industry is also expected to receive more “calls” from overseas travelers, increasing their profits. “Foreign tourists don’t come only in certain seasons, but they visit steadily throughout the year,” Lee said. “It’s good for the taxi industry as well.”

Lee, who leads negotiations with the taxi industry, explained that KakaoT is experimenting with various possible mobility services within the taxi system. It is currently conducting a beta test for its large taxi “Kakao T Benti.”

For example, the scalability of mobility services, such as family members and hagwon pickups, is very high just as additional airport pick-up services have sprung up in Vietnam, Lee said, adding that the test will be conducted as soon as it is completed and that he will be able to meet another type of service that has collaborated with the taxi industry.

KakaoT aims to “digitalize the taxi industry.” He believes that if the taxi industry becomes digitalized, he can operate new services and manage drivers efficiently.

“We will continue to work with the taxi industry to provide diverse travel experiences through taxis,” Lee said.

sources:Asian economies

Did you know that many Koreans travel to Southeast Asia?

Obviously, Koreans will use KakaoTaxi applications if they become more widely used!

Because it’s more reliable! And we can trust and use customer center more if Kakao Talk company takes responsibility.

Koreans are very happy!

You should try KakaoTaxi, too! You can use it conveniently if you only have a kakaotalk ID!

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