Hi, I am Bella who introduce Korea to you.

Today I have to tell you with some angry news.

Now, Koreans are very angry.

Koreans are very sensitive to racial discrimination, and now, because of the corona virus, they are so racist in Western countries that Koreans are hurting by the news that all Asian-looking people get attack racist.

It’s a big deal when the news broke today, and Koreans are really upset and very disappointed with KLM.

I’ll explain it to you

KLM Airlines, the Dutch airline, officially apologized for operating the crew-only toilet informing them only in Korean.
Because aircrew thought Koreans were infected with the corona virus

“It was a personal mistake of Seungmuwon, but it was never a minor one,” said Guillaume Glass, president of KLM Airlines Korea, Japan and New Caledonia in a press conference. “I am very sorry that it was interpreted as an act of discriminating against Korean customers.”

“We take it very seriously that some passengers have been discriminated against,” Glass said. “This has been reported directly to the company’s executives, and we’re investigating the situation internally.”

Prior to this, there was a controversy over racial discrimination as a notice of a paper was posted on the door of the in-flight bathroom of the KL855 flight from Amsterdam to Incheon in the Netherlands on the 10th.

However, KLM drew a line on the controversial guidebook, saying it was a mistake by aircrew, which effectively constitutes only half an apology.

“I don’t understand how this could be racist,” Glass said during a question-and-answer session, sparking controversy over the authenticity of his remarks.

When asked, “Don’t you accept the criticism of racial discrimination?” he said, “As far as it’s been revealed, the company believes it’s not racist at the company level.” “It’s just a human error that has forgotten to write in English.”


The part where Koreans are so angry is that although the company apologized, they talk to us it’s seem to have just forgotten to write in English.Do you think it makes sense?

they made it even angrier. Even though it was a personal stewardess mistake, every Korean was hurt a lot even by one mistake.

The stewardess acted out of all his thoughts, and I’m so sorry to see how embarrassing and hurt the Korean passengers who were affected.

I hope these things will never be seen again on Korean search sites.

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