Hello, I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

There are many foreign friends who envy Korean women’s skin!

In fact, I think Koreans just take good care of their skin and hide it well with makeup instead of especially good ones!

Korean women always check whether their makeup is done well or not! I hope your skin looks good!

A good skin means half is good accepted.

So I will introduce the sleeping pack that Koreans really use!

1.Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

(70ml / 28.000won)

All skin types are available, and this is an intensive sleep mask that makes the skin clear and transparent as it sleeps the next morning through the skin purification process of sleeo-tox while sleeping.

It’s like moisturizing cream. It’s light gelatinous

If you use a Lanesz sleeping pack, it will make you feel like you’re filling up the moisture you didn’t need. Personally, I’m satisfied!

The lavender scent is available, so you can pick out the scent you want.

2.belif First Aid Overnight Skin Regeneration Mask 50ml / 25,000won

If you wake up in the morning and wake up in the morning, your skin will be coated with moisture ingredients and fragrances.

The most overwhelming number one Korean people use!

There are many good reviews and many people recommend that using this sleeping pack is much better than using mask sheets every day!

3.Innisfree Green Tea Sleep Pack

80ml / 15,000 Won

It’s called Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack, which everyone calls the best caustic ratio!First of all, Innisfree products are very mild to the skin,

Just because you put in good ingredients, it’s too good for people who have trouble with their skin in a hurry!

The price is low, so you can buy it without any pressure!
There’s plenty of sleep pack too, so it’s easy to get a moisture!

4.Minions VitaminC Sleeping Pack (can buy in Olive Young) 100g / KRW 13,800

This pack contains a number of ingredients called Tangerine!

Tangerine is a fruit belonging to the orange family, but since it belongs to the orange family, it is rich in vitamin C ingredients, which makes the skin lively.

It helps to add shine. The fragrance is so fresh and good

I have it in my house, too As it moisturizes, my face feels a little brighter in the morning, so I use it often!

But my best recommendation is the Laneige product! My skin is really soft in the morning like baby skin!!

Korean cosmetics have good ingredients and so many good ones, so I always recommend them with confidence whenever I recommend them to you!

You should try it too!!

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