Hello, I am Bella who introduce Korea to you!

Today is the news that I want to introduce to you proudly as a Korean!

Do you know Bong Joon-ho, who has been really hot lately?

Director Bong Joon Ho has so many wonderful works, and two works by director Bong Joon Ho will be reborn as an American drama!

Recently, Korea has been showing its presence in so many different countries!

Along with the Snow piercer, BTS, and the parasite!

I’ll tell you more!

Analysts say that the success of the movie “parasite” will be a turning point for the Korean content industry.

This is because it has left a new milestone for North American audiences who consume only English content and are extremely reluctant to subtitle.

As ‘Snow piercer’, which was produced by Bong Joon-ho, aired in the U.S. in May, know-how in making Korean contents has also entered Hollywood.

It is predicted that a love call for Korean contents will continue as he hit consecutive home runs through ‘parasite’ this year following BTS.

One of the most anticipated works in North American market is director Bong’s contents.

Last month, HBO, a U.S. cable channel, joined hands with CJ Entertainment and several other production companies to produce ‘parasite’ dramas.

Director Bong and director Adam McKay of ‘Vice’ will be in charge of overall production together.

“In line with ‘hallyu’( Korean wave ), which is currently playing in North America, there has been a perception that everything in Korea is ‘hip’, which means ‘cool’,” said Ha Jae-geun, a pop culture critic. “Hollywood’s proposal to share Korean directors’ know-how will increase.”

The drama Parasite has no official cast or completed script to date, but US media attention has exploded, with reports that Mark Ruffalo, who played Hulk in Hollywood blockbuster Avengers, has been mentioned as a casting candidate.

CJ ENM, one of the ‘parasitic’ drama producers, said, “There is no specific decision yet, except that Bong makes a” parasite “drama version with director McKay.”

For Koreans, the news really makes them feel proud as Koreans!

The fact that I feel interested in other countries and want to re-adapt Korean stories has been for Koreans.

I think it was great to introduce Korea to foreigners who did not know well!

And if many Korean works advance to other countries, Korean actors and actresses will also be given opportunities.

Koreans think it’s such a good thing!

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