Australia TV program who laughed at BTS apologizes

The program apologized while the Australian public broadcast station was being criticized for making racist remarks while conveying news related to the group bulletproof boy group (BTS) representing K-POP.

On the 20th, a news program “20 to one” of Channel 9 of Australian public broadcaster released a short apology on its official SNS. Under the English sentence “WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY DISRESPECT AND OFFENCE TAKEN”, the program posted a Korean sentence “We sincerely apologize if we came off rude and uncomfortable”.

The “20 to one” broadcasted on the 19th earlier dealt with the popularity of the World Stars Bulletproof Boys.

However, the contents were ritualistic, racist and violent rants against the bulletproof boy group with the appearance of a large number of Australian comedians, etc., and mocking the political situation in Korea.

When this image is spread by SNS and caused a ripple, the fan club “ARMY” of the bulletproof boy group requested an official apology from the broadcasting station side with related hash tags such as “# channel 9 apologize # channel 9 apologize to BTS @ 20 to One @ Channel 9”.

The bulletproof boy group will hold a global fan meeting “BTS 5TH MUSTER-MAGIC SHOP” at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on the 22nd and 23rd.

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Da Kyung]


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