Australian broadcasters involved in BTS racism

An Australian public broadcaster has been criticized for making a racist remark while conveying the news of a group bulletproof boy group (BTS) representing K-POP. ARMY of the whole world has demanded an apology for the bulletproof boy group.

On the 20th, Australian broadcaster SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) reported on the popular content of Bulletproof Boys in the Australian public broadcaster Channel 9 (Channel9) news program”20 to One”, and not only bulletproof boys, but also their fans, who made a mockery of Korea.

The “20 to One” aired on the night of 19th (Korean time) and dealt with the popularity of the World Star Bulletproof Boys.

However, the contents of the interview were a lot of Australian comedians, and they continued to make hateful remarks such as racism and sexism against BTS, and laughed at the political situation in Korea.

When the female announcer in the show introduced “The bulletproof boy group is world famous!”, The male presenter said, “I have not heard about them. If Kim Jong Eun loves male idols, now Korea’s war problems may go away, “he said. Then, “I heard that there was something exploding in Korea, and I thought it was a bombardment and it was a bulletproof boy group. But when you look at this group it was more cool than if the bomb exploded.”

Then, he was told the news that they were ranked first on the US Billboard Chart and said, “There is only one member who can speak English. How ironic.”In addition to the comments, they edited and broadcast the video that made a mistake with referencing one of the members.

About the “UN speech” of the bulletproof youth group the men’s interview said,”the content of the speech at the UN was probably about hair care products.”

They did not hesitate on sexism. “I’m strongly on the bulletproof boy’s team. I asked the bulletproof boys’ fans on Twitter whether there was a gay member among the members. Someone is obviously gay by the way. There is one out of seven men. It’s math.”

This broadcast video is spreading on the internet via the SNS and has been a controversial.Bulletproof youth team fan club “ARMY”via Twitter” # channel9apologize # channel9apologizetoBTS @ 20toOne @ Channel9 ” and other related hashtag together with the broadcaster side have requested an official apology.

When the ripples spread, Channel 9’s side said,”The episode of “20 to One” which has become a problem does not violate broadcast regulations. We apologize to viewers who felt uncomfortable.”

[Daily Economy Star Today Cha Yun Joo Intern Press / Photos = Youtube Capture, Star Today DB]


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