Eye of the Typhoon

[By Maeil Business Newspaper Star Today Kim Soyeon]

Hwang Hana (31), the center of the typhoon. Hwang Hana is most infamous for being Park Yoochun’s ex-girlfriend and Namyang Dairy Granddaughter. Insider information has revealed that she was also a Burning Sun VIP. It has been revealed she often visited the club wearing a hat and mask, had a special relationship with Seungri (former Big Bang member) and the Burning Sun CEO Lee Munho. However, she also had a special relationship with Burning Sun MD Cho Moo, who has previously been sentenced for drug use charges in 2016 and at the time, Hana was pointed out as the drug distributor but was not charged in this case.

According to the insider, Hana often held house parties with her friends and other people they met at bars. They would allegedly get high on drugs and have sex orgys. Hwang Hana hosted the parties in luxurious villas in places like Hannam-dong, Cheong-dam, Yeoksam-dogn and Apgujeong in Seoul, under the name of ‘hapa’, for ‘hallucination’ house parties. The insider explains how they collected money and obtained drugs before calling all the single male friends over, inviting the pretty girls to come over and introduce them to each other before taking drugs together.

The insider revealed their story through JTBC’s ‘Spotlight’, investigating the Burning Sun scandal currently ongoing in Seoul. The production team attempted to contact the drug dealers directly for more information, and some informed the team that there were drug distribution channels for VIPs in Korea, where Hwang Hana was well-known among the local drug suppliers. Hwang Hana is accused of supplying methamphetamines to her acquaintances in 2015 and three other instances of drug abuse in February and March this year. On April 4th, she was arrested at a ward at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital in Seongnam and was handed over to the authorities for prosecution.


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