Goo Hara, the first SNS after the riot.

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Goo Hara of the group KARA has published a post on social media for the first time since being rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state.

On the 11th, Goo Hara published an image on her Instagram story. The image shows “Happy Kamilia Day. We love. 6.11”.

(Kamilia is a word that refers to KARA’s fandom, 6/11 is the so-called Kamilia Day, founded by KARA fans)

Goo Hara posted an image to commemorate this and seems to have expressed a feeling of gratitude to the fans. This is the first time since she was rushed to the hospital from her home due to extreme health issues and her post seems to have relieved the fans.The fans cheered for Goo Hara with comments like ”Thank you for informing of the recent situation”, ”It makes me happy to see this”, “be careful with your body”, and “Good luck”.On the 26th last month around 0:40 AM, her manager found her unconscious at her home in Gangnam, Seoul and she was rushed to the hospital for treatment.The day before, Goo Hara’s manager tried to contact her many times after noticing Goo Hara had written a comment on SNS that implied an extreme choice, but as he was unable to reach her, he visited her house and found Goo Hara lying on the floor and reported it to the police.On the 27th, the following day, she posted on Japanese social media; ”I am sorry for worrying you. My conditions are in recovery. I will try to show you how healthy I am from now on.”

On the 30th of last month, Goo Hara was scheduled to attend the 2nd trial of former lover Choi Jong Bum who was suspected of violating special laws, impairments, property damage, intimidation and coercion regarding the punishment for sexual crimes but she did not attend. The next trial will be held on July 25th.


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