“Hotel del Luna” IU and Yeo Jin-goo’s teaser… A splendid transformation

“Hotel Del Luna” released a behind-the-scenes steel cut following the IU and Yeo Jin-goo character teaser video. IU’s brilliant makeover and Yeo Jin-goo ‘s manly charm looks outstanding.

tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama “Hotel Del Luna” (screenwriter Hong Jung-Eun,director Oh Chung-Fang) is the Hotel “Del Luna” with the fate of the elite hotelier. It is a fantasy horror romance that depicts a special story between the lonely and beautiful president that runs the Del Luna and the manager.

Chang Manwol played by IU is the hotel president while the hotelier Ku Chang Sung is played by Yeo Jin-goo.

Chang Manwol is so greedy about luxury which leads the hotel to the verge of bankruptcy, while being capricious enough to shake up the Ku Chang Sung without changing even one expression. It is beautiful like a mysterious moon, and it is a character that can not be imagined from the aloof looks

On the other hand, Ku Chang Sung, who has a glorious history, with ample spare time and a cold reason, is actually a faint-hearted man who just faints at the sight of a ghost. The direction in which the relationship between this man and woman flows in this way gathers great expectations for the show.Above all the viewers acclaimed the changes in IU and Yeo Jin-goo revealed through the steel cut released on the 17th with the video. IU who has endured a dry life with a flat appearance in the previous work, tvN “My Uncle”, has shown a more mature beauty in addition to the gorgeous and elegant styling that goes back and forth between antique and modern. Here’s an involuntary merry serif to expect a makeover with a charm that has never been seen before.

Yeo Jin-goo is also a figure that was completely solidified position in the “adult man”.Upscale suits, watches, strange eyes looking at the other party here. The manly bass voice of Yeo Jin-goo is a more attractive point.

“Hotel del Luna” is expected to have a special story of IU and Yeo Jin-goo who met at a hotel under a moonlight that shows gorgeous entities only to drifting ghosts. The story of the hotel where the ghosts were staying was the initial plan of “The Lord’s Sun” written by Hong writers in 2013. The story will be released in 2019, directed by Oh Chun-fan of “Dr. Doctors ~ Feeling in Love” and “While You Were Sleeping”. It will have grand opening at 9 pm on Saturday, July 13 coming in Korea.

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