Hyorin’s school bullying controversy ends in agreement?

[By Maeil Business Newspaper Star Today Kim Soyeon]

“We have settled through a long conversation, and there will be no legal response.”Singer Hyorin has dramatically reconciled with the first colloquial author who exposed the school violence controversy. But agreed with the strong response to its policy for withdrawal.

Hyorin’s agency said, “We had a good conversation with both sides after a long negotiation,” and said, “There will be no legal response, such as defamation.” Mr. A, who wrote the exposition, released his feelings through dialogue with Hyorin after the controversy and said that he did not want to deepen each other’s wounds because of this problem.

The controversy began on the 25th of last month when an online community posted an exposition. A has announced his graduation photo of Hyorin and the SNS message exchanged with alumni, claiming that he suffered school violence for three years from the first grade of middle school 15 years ago.

When the controversy broke out, Hyosung’s agency said it would meet with Mr. A to resolve the facts. In response, Mr. A refused to apologize on the phone, saying he did not want to meet in person. However, after all the articles posted by Mr. A have been deleted, Hyosung agency has said that it will respond strongly to “the reputation of the artist has been damaged by the one-sided saying that it is the victim”.

While the two sides failed to narrow their positions, another testimony appeared to uncover Hyorin’s scholarship, and the public turned their backs on Hyorin, who consistently remained silent. Additional exposures were also unilateral claims by authors whose authenticity was not confirmed, but Hyorin’s suspicions were poured out as she did not actively disclose or clarify.

Of course, Hyorin would have been embarrassed. No matter what the explanation, the initial exposure alone may have determined that it is difficult to restore the trust that has already fallen into hell. However, what the public expected of Hyosung was a ‘yes or no’ answer and retain the honest and true attitude and the academic breadth as she has always been loved for. Particularly, because of the professional nature of the idol singer, who has a strong influence on the youth, if she was involved in a sensitive social problem such as school violence, it should have been expressed clearly.

However, the explanation of whether or not the ‘academic width’ that the public was curious about did not come to an end. The ‘academic debate’ tag attached to Hyorin seems to keep attached to her ankle.

Just a day ago, Hyorin, who had been in a harsh battle for defamation, has reached a consensus, and there is no drama. What did Hyorin say to a man who asked for a sincere apology? If you have an apology, or if you have reached an agreement without an apology, you may be wondering how it was possible.The contents of Hyorin and A’s agreement have not been disclosed and will not be discussed in the future.


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