Im Siwan’s special treatment during military service

Im Siwan, who was discharged as a “model soldier”, was engulfed in an unexpected overtime vacation controversy. The affiliation office countered that “there was no unfair preference out of the range allowed by the military unit”, and disclosed the breakdown of the vacation specifically and started the suppression of the disturbance.

On the 17th, a Korean media reported that Im Siwan had taken excessive leave compared to other soldiers during military service. This media is based on the “Actual service status of soldiers from celebrities” submitted by the Korean Ministry of Defense to the National Assembly Defense Committee. Kim Byung Kyi and Kim Byung Gye submitted to the committee, that Im Byung-Hwan received a total of 28 days of the annual leave, 18 days of the reward award, 51 days of the compensation leave, 14 days of the compensation leave, and 12 days of the leave for the purpose of medical treatment.

Repercussions spread as taking twice as many vacation days as compared with the average vacation days for general soldiers being 59 days. In response to this, Im Siwan’s affiliation office has been actively responding by closely disclosing Im Siwan’s history during the military service period.

The affiliation office said, “Im Siwan actor entered the Chungju newcomer training team on July 11, 2017 and finished the five-week military basic training, and then earned a high score in the training and was appointed as an assistant Also, in two months after being enlisted in the army, he achieved excellent performance in all areas, such as shooting, physical strength, combat skills, etc. and performed military service in good faith so that he could be selected as a special class warrior support for civilians also voluntarily participated, spent an exemplary military life, and fulfilled his military service on March 27, 2019. “

He also specifically explained about holidays. The affiliation office side said, “Im Siwan actors took a total of 123 days of vacations during military service, and are mobilized for regular vacations and sick leave for treatment of injuries, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, events of the Armed Forces Day, etc. In addition to the comfort leave that has been given, there is also a reward leave that has been awarded by special-grade warriors and model generals.

He also explained that the average number of days of leave received by general soldiers and the difference occurred due to the characteristics of the job. The office said, “if a new recruit enters the office, he will have to work on weekends for 5 weeks, but due to the job characteristics of the assistant professor, he will be given an additional vacation of about 40 days for the number of recruits due to the alternative leave. It was confirmed that according to the 25th division of excellence Assistant Teachers ‘ Standards, about 100 days are usually given as holidays.”

The office emphasized, “It is true that we have been given more vacation days than general soldiers, but we have not received any unfair incentives other than the range allowed by the military units.”

Even after the official position announcement of the affiliated office, the reactions of the netizens are divided.

Many internet users reacted; “If there are more soldiers than general soldiers, that’s a preferential treatment’, “if you received a host at a military event several times and received such a holiday,” and “120 days of vacation is a good thing”. However, there are many opinions respond to the special measures, such as “an assistant teacher never originally received such a vacation”, “he probably only got a job other than on a sick leave,” and “an army using entertainers for military events is a problem”.

Im Siwan, who had been active as an actor until he was enlisted, was enlisted as a working soldier when he was at the top of his career, receiving a commendation as a model soldier, and receiving good news from the public and receiving support from the public. Seriously after finishing his service, he has been discharged from health and prepared to return to his work in March last year, but was unexpectedly overwhelmed by controversy.

Im Siwan’s return with the drama by OCN “Others are hell” scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of the year.

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