Interview with GOT7 – Anxiety after 6 years debut?

[By Maeil Business Newspaper Star Today Kim Soyeon]

The group GOT7, who is in the sixth year of their debut, pulled out the deep emotions for the first time. They finished their latest album, created with the words ’anxiety’, which no one but a star could easily imitate.

GOT7 (JB, Mark, Jackson, Jin Young, Bambam, Yugyeom and Young-Jae), who met in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, before the release of the new album ‘SPINNING TOP’, were more calm than usual. The words are in the sense of the story of this album bigger than a funny feeling ahead of the first full comeback activities in 2019.

This album ‘SPINNING TOP’ seems to be gorgeous at first because it contains various genres and various sounds, but the content is an octopus with various arm branches of meanings. It is GOT7 who has been full of gratitude for their precious existence and promises so far, but this time they also sing about “anxiety about being able to keep such a promise.

Why did you pick the keywords as ‘insecure’? (JB)” It’s a simple keyword, but it’s connected to what I’ve been talking about, and I’m thinking of using a slightly different piece of music.

According to their agency, this album started with a word from Leader JB, ‘If there are moments of ‘light’ that need to be centered on life and confidently turned around, there is a story of ‘dark’ moments where confidence and stable situations start to shake.

“I’m talking about overcoming anxiety, and then I’m thinking about where it comes from, and then I’m thinking about what I’ve lived through. But I’m still doing the same things I’ve been thinking about a few years ago. When I think back about my own anxiety, I realize it is a repeatable process where I suffer from being anxious, then I’m fine and then it repeats all over again. It’s like a balloon that can inflate, containing all your insecurities, but it can also deflate again once you know you’re fine.” (JB)

For this story, GOT7 calmly looked at their uneasy feelings behind the colorful spotlight and solved it with music and stories. Yoo said, “Actually, we also feel that we have such anxiety. We feel happiness in front of our fans, but when we think about it differently, we can say, ‘How long can we do this? It was not easy to work with a feeling of anxiety throughout the work. JB also said, “Honestly, I am more anxious now.” “I’ve done a great deal of writing, but it’s not that I’m anxious and depressed,” he says. I was actually working, and I felt like I was crying.”

However, the emotion of anxiety surrounding the album does not flow pessimistically to the end. The album’s first starts with the title song ’Eclipse(ECLIPSE)’ and continues with ‘(TIME OUT)’, and ‘(PAGE)’. In this narrative, JB explains, “the anxiety begins with eclipse and continues with (’Time Out’), which tells the story of one more chance, and then tells the theme of our new flow(’page’).”

“As a result, the whole story of the album was anxiety, but it was because we wanted to overcome the anxiety, and if we just showed anxious emotions, we could have a lack of storytelling. Rather than the anxiety we have created, it is the emotions that we are actually feeling, so we were able to express our sincerity.

“The title song ‘Eclipse’ was written by JYP president Park Jin-young, and also by JB, a composer and songwriter under the name DEFSOUL. If you sing with a touch of light, I solved the deep worry about whether I am deserving the undeserved love in this song and can retain the love completely.

The choreography difficulty was so hard which also made it the best. JB said. He continues, “the choreography itself is powerful, and practice takes so much time but it has to have a nice look to it and properly display the hard work of all of us doing it. So many people worked on the choreography to make it look good.

GOT7 has been steadily expanding their music world for the sixth year since their debut in 2014. However, they said, “There is still a long way to get to the color of GOT7””I don’t think I have captured the color of GOT7 yet in our music, but I personally think that a song like ‘Laughter’ is getting close. I don’t think we should keep on looking for new musical directions. I just wanted to make sure that the members have done what we have done so far so that I can keep it in mind and change it carefully but I think that this is the first start of this album. I don’t think I’ve made a lot of new musical attempts on this album,” he says. “The newest attempt seems to have come out well, and this time it seems to be more robust. (JB)


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