Is the plane delayed because of SEVENTEEN?

The group SEVENTEEN revealed its position in the controversy that it was late to board the plane. Officials at their office told The Economic start-day of the day that they were late for boarding SEVENTEEN’s plane and said, “We arrived at the appointed time and checked in, but the airport pulled the members out because of a document issue, and the boarding time was delayed.”It’s true that we were already 30 minutes late due to local weather conditions, and we were late due to the problems with SEVENTEEN documents. It was not intended, but I’m sorry for the delay in departure due to our problems,” he added.

The delay in boarding the SEVENTEEN plane began with a net user complaining about it on his SNS. The net user said, “I entered in the plane with a certain boy group in Okinawa, but I was delayed for about an hour because they were having issues boarding. A steward had informed me about the boarding issues. The group appeared one hour later and made it into the business class with their faces hidden.”

“The other passengers were protesting. Why do we get into trouble because of them? It is not possible if you have made special arrangements just because it is an entertainer.”

“If you want to get on a plane according to your schedule, buy a charter plane.”

SEVENTEEN made a fan trip in Okinawa from the 14th to the 16th. After this event, they left the country on the 17th. The Asiana OZ171 flight on which they boarded was scheduled to arrive at Incheon Airport at 3:25 pm, but it arrived at more than 1 hour late at 4: 34 pm

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Da Kyung]


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