Kang Daniel’s vague answer regarding sister

Singer Kang Daniel revealed his position related to the solo debut.

Kang Daniel’s recently-established 1-person planning company, KONNECT Entertainment, said on the 20th to the Economic, “We recently had a conference related to the distribution of the album with Cacao M,” and said, “We are currently spurring on the preparation of the solo.”

“It’s hard to confirm,”said Sol, who was mentioned in the dispute between Kang Danielle and the former LM entertainment company. It seems that he has not intervened in the affairs of the company.”

Earlier this year, Kang Daniels decided that it would be difficult to continue the contract due to a breach of the exclusive contract of LM Entertainment, which was his office, and entered into a legal dispute.During this process, attention was drawn to the news that Kang Danielle had begun to struggle with the LM Entertainment after joining Sol, known as the “Sol sister”in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, Kang Daniel, who has been permitted to apply for the temporary suspension of the exclusive contract and has made his own activities, has recently established a personal office, KONNECT Entertainment, and is preparing a solo debut. However, LM Entertainment will apply for an objection to such a decision of the court, and a hearing date will be opened on the 26th.

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Da Kyung Press / Photo = MK Sports DB]


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