Nam Tae Hyun confessed his income

Singer Nam Tae Hyun from group WINNER released his income.The “Idol Devils” feature was featured on the talk show “Video Star” on cable channel MBC every 1 broadcasted on the 18th. INFINITE Nam Woo Hyun, VIXX Ken, Nam Tae Hyun, Lindsay from FIESTAR, etc. appeared as guests.

On the day, MC asked Nam Tae Hyun, “If you appeared before, I would like you to help, I’m spending more than earning.”

Nam Tae Hyun admitted that “It is as much as the income during idle activity.” Then Nam Tae hyun said, ” When I was an idol, I had enough for 5 people. I’ll eat everything in my fridge for now.”In addition, Nam Tae Hyun added, ” There is a lot of income, but when I run my office, there is a lot of expenditure.”

[Daily Economy Star Today Jan So Young]


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