NU’EST, Their ‘Fully Bloomed’ Flower Road Continues for 8 Years

[Maeil Business Star Today reporter Se-yeon Park / Translation by HeeSang Lee]

‘8 years since debut’, the group NU’EST has endured dramatic days duiring the past 3 years. They have been re-evaluated through Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ in 2017, and have finally opened their flower road after 5 years since debut. At that time, Min-hyeon was elected as one of the 11 members of the project group Wanna One, which he performed for 1 year and 6 months. JR, Aron, Baek-ho, and Ren continued to perform as W Unit during the time period. When Wanna One was finished, Min-hyeon joined back to the team to make the group complete, and the group returned back to the fans during the blooming season.

The group has released their 6th mini-album ‘Happily Ever After’ on the 29th of last month.This is a complete album that NU’EST released approximately 3 years after their 5th mini-album in August 2016.

During the album release showcase, NU’EST showed their determination, “This album is our another, new beginning”. They said “It was a lot of fun practicing with all of us five together. We practiced super hard to clearly demonstrate what only NU’EST can do.”NU’EST also stated “This is the first album release, right after our promise to reunite again, so it is also very meaningful to our members.” Furthermore, “The reason why we were able to reach this point strong and gradually is because of L.O.Λ.E. We will work in various areas to give back what we received, and this being the beginning of it, will be even more meaningful.”

The mentioned album sold 221,364 copies in the beginning of winter, based on the Hanteo Chart, and wrote a new history for NU’EST by raising the highest album sales since their debut.

NU’EST maintained 1st place on the corresponding chart for two weeks straight. Additionally, the title song ‘BET BET’ ranked 1st on a main, local music site along with its release, conquered the iTunes top album charts of 13 countries, and received a huge reaction worldwide.

NU’EST made their grand debut during March 2013, also known as the ‘national blossoming era of idols’. The team made a spark during the beginning, but was unable to make a noticeable outcome. They struggled and went back and forth between Korea and Japan, unable to grasp their opportunity to rise, and had to give up their chance to become the trend to other boy groups.

They were in an obscure place and made a difficult decision for an established group: the team returned as trainees and challenged themselves in Mnet ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ in 2017. At that time, their challenge itself provoked controversy in equity, but more people payed attention to their hardworking ‘skills’ that weren’t recognized before.

Consequently, Min-hyeon Hwang ranked 11th and joined the Wanna One team, while the rest of the members continued to perform as NU’EST W Unit. The public’s interest didn’t reduce even though the program ended, and they were able to eventually write their own success story.

Released songs such as ‘Hello’ went back in popularity in the music charts. Also, they won the 1st place trophy in a music program on October 2017, for the first time as NU’EST W, which was also after 5 complete years since debut.

This wasn’t an instant ‘spark’ or an exaggerated ‘bubble’ that resulted from the ‘Produce 101’ effect. The following released albums also received huge popularity in the music charts and the team demonstrated an uncommon ‘music track power’ for a boy group. Encouraged by the undying popularity, NU’EST held an independent concert for 3 days at the KSPO DOME, also known as the ‘dream stage’, during last month while preparing their debut, and interacted with 60,000 fans at the concert. Moreover, they rose 1st place with their new song ‘BET BET’ in the MBC music program ‘Show Champion’ on the 8th.

It was 8 years since they won a music program’s 1st place as a complete team. They were a ‘monumental achievement’ built exactly in 2,611 days since debut. NU’EST’s dramatic days are still currently on-going.

On the other hand, NU’EST will begin the ‘2019 NU’EST TOUR ‘Segno’’ from July. The tour will begin from Seoul leading to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Tai Pei, in total of 6 different cities.


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