[Official] YG -“BI, iKON Withdrawal and Contract Cancellation … A Sense of Responsibility”

YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG) unveiled its position in connection with drug suspicions of iKON’s leader B.I (real name Kim Han-bin, 23).

YG reported that “Kim Han Bin feels heavy responsibility for the ripple caused by the incident, and our company has taken heavy responsibility and decided to withdraw from the team and withdraw from the exclusive contract” on the afternoon of 12th. “I feel deeply responsible, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

Prior to that, BI has also shown interest in narcotics through his SNS, “I really wanted to rely on something that was too hard and painful. I denied that I did not use it.”

He continues, “Sometimes I am too embarrassed to everyone and members of the team who are disappointed and hurt and more than anything because of my inappropriate behavior. So I announced my iKON withdrawal.”

Today, dispatch of entertainment media obtained the contents of conversations from KakaoTalk which BI exchanged with a suspect of drug violation in April 2016 and released it, but the police did not even demand an arrest, even though there was a statement saying that he had bought and inhaled narcotics in 2016.

In fact, in the KakaoTalk chat with BI and the suspect, BI asked, “Do you buy and stock a lot at a time?” “I’ve been asking because I have been buying with you (the medicine)” “I will do it for life”, “I want to be a genius.”

Dispatch has commented this part of the conversation as being circumstantial evidence and shown criticism for not engaging the police work.

The following is the full YG Entertainment official statement:

YG Entertainment

We deeply apologize to everyone who was disappointed with YG’s artist Kim Han Bin’s problem.Kim Han-bin feels heavily responsible for the ripple, and the company has taken heavy responsibility, and has decided to withdraw from his team and withdraw from the exclusive contract.YG feels responsible for managing their affiliated artists.

We apologize from the bottom of our hearts.

[Daily Economy Star Today Chin Hyan-Lee]


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