Will foreign trainees enter their debut group with “PRODUCE X 101”?

Trainees from far away France and Russia who had not been in this series of”PRODUCE” issued a letter of challenge. However, it was regrettably impossible to cross the first barrier.Foreign trainees who survived the 60 trainees who passed the primary barrier were Wei Zi Yue (Wei Zi Yue) and Tony (Tony), who belong to the management company Hongyi, and Wang Jyun (Wang Jyun, who belong to YG). Hao and Hida Kamahiro, and 5 students including Peak of Thai trainee from Chandelier Music.Will they be put into the debut group of 11 members? As of now, it is hard to tell. Judging from the 6th episode of the broadcast, there is only Tony (24th position), the Canadian boy who came from Koyo Taiho province, in the 2nd-30th place who passed through the barrier gate.Wei is at the 45th place, Peak is at the 51st, Hidaka Hiro is at the 58th place, and Wang GungHo is at the 60th place. It is difficult to survive in the 2nd barrier, far from the debut team unless it is possible to raise the ranking significantly.At the beginning of the year, Wei had a strong presence with the tagline “the treasure from China”.

Wei ranked 1st in the group battle rating and gained enough benefits. However, the track record after that was not very good. He was not able to form a fandom properly in comparison. He emphasized that he was from China in his company, but because there is lingering sentiment towards China, Wei won’t get any popularity scores. In particular, he is concerned that the fact that Cho Seung-young’s company UNIQ, which appeared in this series, has suffered a major damage under the Korean Decrees, is a factor in the demerit.Wang Gunho and Hidehiro Mahiro are critical weaknesses in that they belong to YG.

Even at the time of passing through the 1st barrier, there was no feeling of rejection from YG, but the fact that they spent several years as a practicing student at a large・scale planning company (Wan Gunho 3 years, Hida Kamahiro 2 years) could be a strength.However, it seems that it has become a big obstacle rather than the signboard of YG being useful, because of the current situation where several entertainers who belonged to YG continues to be exposed and spreads a boycott campaign against the entertainers of YG. They must be really sorry that they can’t get out of the YG.Peak receives tremendous support from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The number of videos played on YouTube is also on the debut set.

However the volume of edited broadcasts is also not too large. The family will make an effort to improve their support for netizens in Southeast Asia, but raising more than 20 steps will be quite difficult.In the current situation, Tony is the most powerful foreign trainee who passes through the secondary barrier. If Tony falls out, all foreign trainees may not be able to go to 3rd order, and the first event in the “PRODUCE” series history may occur.

Tony, who had already finished his 6th position, stayed in the 5th place in the vocal X dance, but his fandom has grown quite a lot and he will not fall from the current standings because he is a good person to respond to the fans.On the other hand, the actors Park Song Ho and Lee Yu Jin, who drew attention in this series, are also the same serious situation.Park Sung-ho, who got into the stage 10th in his debut group in the early stage and spit-fired, suffered a fierce external restraint and was unable to keep the fans’ hearts in good shape. Immediately after the sixth session is over, the ranking is 26th but it tends to be down, so it has hurt his position.It is no exaggeration to say that Lee Yu Jin is almost hopeless. The ranking was 53rd with 27 steps down. It feels like the effects of the SKY Castle have been exhausted. Of course, the ability of vocals and dance did not attract the attention of the fans even in the sense of variety, and the reaction to the current image is weak.In the early part of the series, Nam Dong-hyun, who has attracted much attention as the real younger brother of Nam Tae Hyun (a former member of WINNER), vocalist of the band South Club (South Clob), has dropped out because his brother’s presence turned into a public scandal. Jang Jae, who began public love with Nam Tae Hyun from April, exposes the adultery that Nam Tae Hyun was two timing girlfriends in the beginning of June, and Nam Tae Hyun is scheduled to appear in the musical “Mephisto” has also dropped the board.

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