Mina Leaves AOA after ChoA and Youkyung, and There Are Five Members Now in the Originally 8-Member Group [Comprehensive]

[By Park Se-yeon, Star Today, Maeil Business Newspaper]

Eight years after their debut, girl group AOA is revamped into a five-member group as Mina is leaving the group.

FNC Entertainment has recently renewed contracts with five members—Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Chanmi. The five members decided to maintain the team and renew contracts with the company, thinking of their fans who constantly support the group.

But Mina announced to leave the group. After discussing with her group members and the company, Mina decided to go for her new dream with another company. And FNC Entertainment officially announced the termination of her contract and her leaving AOA.

That is how AOA has been revamped into a five-member girl group.

There were eight members in the group at the time of its debut in 2012, and the standard contract period of seven years has passed this year.

AOA debuted as a transformer girl group alternating between dance and band units, but they presented mostly dance songs, such as “Short Hair,” “Like a Cat,” and “Heart Attack” after the hit track “Miniskirt.” For this reason, the drummer member Youkyung left the group in 2016 and there were seven members in the group.

AOA actively worked as a team until ChoA left the group in the summer of 2017. After her solo concert in March that year, ChoA was embroiled in disappearance and romance rumors and had some conflicts with the company. In June that year, ChoA announced to leave the group. Insomnia and depressed were officially cited as the reasons for her leaving AOA. After that, ChoA neither worked in the group nor worked solo, and her contract with FNC Entertainment terminated in the end.

After ChoA left AOA, the group members were committed to individual careers. And AOA had a comeback with the mini-album “Bingle Bangle” in a year and five months, showing that the group is still maintained. However, as Mina leaves the group, AOA is being revamped again. AOA is planning to continue their music career as a team, in addition to individual solo music or acting careers as they have done for several years.

“FNC Entertainment will provide full support for the five members with whom the company has renewed contracts based on mutual trust and belief so they can continue their active career,” said the company.

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