Sung Hoon Confessed His Debt, Saying, “I’ve Had Debt since I Began Acting and I’ve Paid most of It.” (E-news Exclusive)

[By Yang So-yeong, Star Today, Maeil Business Newspaper]

Actor Sung Hoon has confessed that he has debts.

On June 18, SBS “E-news Exclusive” showed the photo shooting of Sung Hoon and his interview.

Asked if he realized his popularity, he said, “I have more working days than rest days and I feel mentally richer. But materially, I have not settled up.” He added, “I don’t feel sorry. I don’t work only for money.”

Sung Hoon began swimming as a boy and was a swimming player. “I began learning to swim because I didn’t like to study,” said Sung Hoon. “I became sick and had many operations and I couldn’t continue my career as a swimming player. I thought about what I could do and just began acting.”

Sung Hoon was cast as the main character in the drama “New Tales of Gisaeng,” but faced a hiatus afterward. “I’ve had debt since I began acting and I could not stop acting because my debts increased,” Sung Hoon confessed.

He added, “I kept going with the thought that I’ll go on until I can’t anymore. Recently, I’ve paid most of my debts.”

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