Sunmi Has Gained 8 kg, Weighing 50 kg Netizens Say Sunmi Looks Healthier and Voluptuous

[By Kim So-yeon, Star Today, Maeil Business Newspaper]

Sunmi received congratulations after letting fans know that she had gained 8 kg, weighing 50 kg.

Sunmi posted the photo of a weight scale showing ‘50’ on Instagram on June 18.

Before that, Sunmi said during a magazine interview that “when I was extremely busy, I lost weight down to 41 kg. I took the plunge and gained weight for my US tour. I weigh 49 kg, now.”

Sunmi has gained weight to improve her health and physical strength before her tour concert for which she needs a lot of energy.

Sunmi was said to be thin and tall (166 cm), and now looks healthier and beautiful in photos released by a fashion magazine.

Photos of Sunmi in her stage costumes were posted on SNS by her in December last year. In the photos, her legs and thighs looked skinny. Now, Sunmi has gained some flesh on her legs and thighs and her leg lines look more beautiful. And Sunmi grew her hips that look beautiful.

Learning of Sunmi’s efforts to gain weight, netizens congratulated and cheered for her. Netizens wrote on her SNS, “She looks gorgeous no matter if she’s gained or lost weight,” “Don’t you consider gaining more weight?” “There isn’t much difference, but she seems to have a more stable body,” “She used to look so skinny and weak. I am glad she’s gained weight,” and more.

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