For Physical Strength and a Voluptuous Body, Sunmi Has Gained 8 kg and Weights 50 kg Netizens Say They Cheer for Her Healthy-Looking Body [Comprehensive]

[Photo] Sunmi Photo credit | Nylon

[Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today, Maeil Business Newspaper]

After Sunmi posted a picture of a weighing scale showing ’50,’ her fans have congratulated and cheered for her.

Sunmi posted the picture on Instagram on June 18. Her height is 166 cm and her usual weight is a little more than 40 kg. Having a think body, Sunmi has performed strenuous dances and always has wounds on her needs. And Sunmi decided to gain weight for her health and physical strength before her world tour.

Afterward, Sunmi said during a magazine interview that “when I was extremely busy, I lost weight down to 41 kg. I took the plunge and gained weight for my US tour. I weigh 49 kg, now.” Sunmi said she had gained 8 kg during the interview. On June 18, she proved that her weight had reached 50 kg.

Sunmi showed off her more voluptuous body in the cover of fashion magazine Nylon’s July 2019 issue, after finished with her world tour, which began in Seoul in February and continued in North America, Asia, and Europe. Having gaining 8 kg, Sunmi in the cover looks more beautiful, healthier and her toned body line catches viewers’ eyes.  

[Photo] Sunmi Photo credit | Nylon

The photo shooting took place after Sunmi arrived from Paris, where she had the last concert of her world tour. It is said Sunmi lived up the mood without looking tired during the photo shooting. Sunmi also stood up to greet and respond to her cheering fans from around the world, showing her warm heart.

In the interview after the photo shooting, Sunmi expressed her gratitude to her fans around the world she met during the world tour. “I had a world tour, hoping to let people know that there is an artist like me in Korea. I wanted to introduce my music and performance to people. That was all I wanted,” said Sunmi.

Sunmi also gave some hint about her new track, saying that she worked on it in her spare time during the world tour. Sunmi got the inspiration for the track in Mexico during the world tour and she said that the track has a unique mood.

Sunmi’s fans showed a lot of support for her efforts to gain weight. They left comments such as “It is difficult for thin people to gain weight. You must have worked hard,” “It is a good decision for health,” “You look prettier after gaining some weight,” “Don’t get sick and be healthy,” and “You have healthy beauty and look good.”

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