IU, purchased Yangpyeong suburban house…”to rest during weekends”

[Maeil Business News Star Today Reporter Jin Hyang-hee]

It is known that IU(Lee Ji-eun, 26) bought a suburban house of about 3 billion won at the end of last year.

On 17th, the Joongang Daily reported: “After purchasing a building in Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi at 4.6 billion won at the beginning of last year, it is confirmed that she bought a suburban house in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi at 3 billion won at the end of last year”.

The Yangpyeong suburban house IU purchased is a two-story scale(total area 194㎡). She first bought the land(land area 562㎡), at 2.2 billion won, and then additionally bought 6 plots(total area 1524㎡) of the nearby land at 800 million won the same year.

IU’s agency explained it will be used as a second house for the weekends and was bought for the purpose of resting with a family including her paternal grandmother.

IU made an issue as she bought a building at 4.6 billion won in Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi last February. At that time, there was a press release stating the price of the building IU bought skyrocketed because the GTX line was confirmed to pass through the area, leading to a controversy of speculation. IU’s side rebuked head-on and explained: “it is a building 10 minutes away from the main house, and she has no plan of selling as she did not buy it for speculation”.

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