IZ*ONE’s Agency Asks Fans to Refrain from Disorder at the Airport and Acts Violating Privacy of IZ*ONE Members

[By Park Se-yeon, Star Today, Maeil Business Newspaper]

Girl group IZ*ONE’s Agency expressed its intention to take legal actions against acts that violate the privacy of IZ*ONE members to an excessive degree.

On June 17, IZ*ONE’s management agency Off The Record Entertainment posted a notice on the group’s official fan community, which began with the statement “This is an announcement regarding ongoing problems with disorder at the airport and acts violating privacy of IZ*ONE members.”

The agency stated, “We ask fans to refrain from approaching the members and taking close-up photos and videos of them at airports, trying to make physical contact, talking with vulgar language to staff of harming them, and forcefully trying to give gifts to the members.”

The agency also asked fans to refrain from loitering around artists’ accommodation and hotels, following them, asking the security for their accommodation address, and taking unwanted photos or videos of them near their accommodation and hotels.”

At the end of the notice, the agency warned of strong measures with the statement “Due to the actions mentioned above, the artists feel threat to their safety. If anyone commits such actions, we would take measures such as confiscating a camera and deleting the data.”

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