Jung Joon-young golden phone, suggested destruction of evidence? “let’s go easy and say the phone is lost”

A police officer in charge of investigating the charge of illegally filming girlfriend of the singer Jung Joon-young (30) was confirmed to have suggested destruction of evidence.

Last 13th, Seoul metropolitan police agency intellectual crime investigation team disclosed that it prosecuted the lieutenant A(54) from Seoul Seongdong police station who was in charge of Jung Joon-young’s illegal filming of his girlfriend for the dereliction of duties and document forgery. Jung Joon-young’s lawyer B(42) was sent to the prosecutor’s office for charges of the dereliction of duties accomplice and negligence and concealment of evidence.

It has been proven that lieutenant A suggested to “go easy and say you lost the phone” to Jung Joon-young’s lawyer first while investigating the charges of illegally filming Jung Joon-young’s girlfriend in August, 2016.

Also, he was invited for a dinner by the lawyer. The lieutenant A is known to have said he “wanted to end the case quickly” while being investigated for the dereliction of duties at Seoul metropolitan police agency intellectual crime investigation team. A and B are denying the charge that they colluded. This case was closed in 17 days, which is relevantly shorter than the usual period of sex crime investigation period of several months. It was confirmed that the investigation was proceeded in a direction hard to understand, such as not even securing the key evidence, phone.  

The police conducted search of two people’s house and investigated account details but did not find any fact that money and valuables were exchanged, and comprehended that there was no unreasonable order from the top.

This case is a case of Jung Joon-young being sued for filming body parts of the girlfriend without consent. The police asked for submission of phone two weeks after the accusation, and when Jung Joon-young did not submit making excuses such as ‘lost’, ‘broken’ and others, the police closed the case and sent to the public prosecutor’s office. It is the part that controversies of poor investigation may occur.

Jung Joon-young opened a press conference and said “the video was a joke”, “both parties were aware”, denying the charge and apologized when the case was sent to the public prosecutor’s office. The prosecution declared not guilty in October, 2016.

Meanwhile, separate from this case, Jung Joon-young was arrested and charged last April for sharing illegally filmed videos of body parts of women, sex, and others multiple times in 2015 through Kakaotalk group chat where Seungri and others are included, and sent to a trial. Jung Joon-young’s third trial will be held at the Seoul Central Court on the 27th.

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