Koo Ha-ra Warns of Strong Legal Actions Against Malicious Online Comments “Did You Say I Suffer from Depression Because I Feel Easy?”

[By Kim So-yeon, Star Today, Maeil Business Newspaper]

Koo Ha-ra warned of strong legal actions against malicious online comments.

On June 17, Koo Ha-ra posted on her Instagram story a message that reads “I will take legal action against malicious comments with no mercy. For my mental health, I hope I want to be a person who can be commented with good and pretty words and from a positive light.”

Koo Ha-ra expressed her sad feelings in a comment that reads “Dealing with depression is not easy. Did you say I suffer from depression because I feel easy? I’ve worked hard and made efforts to get what I have. Why don’t know you know that you can also suffer from depression and can be a sick person. Where can I find a pretty heart that embraces a sick person?”

 “You have freedom of expression. But why don’t you think again about what kind of person you are before posting a malicious comment?” Koo Ha-ra wrote, asking people not to write malicious comments.

Last month, Koo Ha-ra was found unconscious by her manager at her home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul after posting a message suggesting she would commit suicide. Koo Ha-ra received hospital treatment and is now out of the hospital. Koo Ha-ra reassured her fans when she wrote: “I will get myself in a good state” on her SNS.

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