“She Is Ill-tempered But Beautiful” Hotel Del Luna’s Production Team Reveals Lee Ji-eun’s New Charm

[By Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today, Maeil Business Newspaper]

Hotel Del Luna’s production team released the first still cut of Lee Ji-eun (IU).

Hotel Del Luna (script by Hong Jeong-min, Directed by Oh Choong-hwan), tvN’s upcoming Sat-Sun drama, is a fantasy horror-romance drama. The drama features two main characters—an elite hotelier who becomes the manager of the hotel due to a fateful incident and the owner of the hotel who is aloof and beautiful as the moon but ill-tempered. Incidents unfold as the two manage the hotel together. Lee Ji-eun plays Jang Man-wol, the glamorous owner of the hotel who reveals her beautiful appearance only to wandering ghosts.

In the released teaser, Jang Man-wol is so extravagant and greedy that the hotel is driven to the brink of bankruptcy. Jang Man-wol is also an ill-tempered character who likes to scare the hotelier Goo Chan-sung (played by Yeo Jin-goo) without a change in her expression.

The teaser shows Jang Man-wol’s character, which contrasts with her moon-like beautiful and aloof appearance, and hints at how Lee Ji-eun will show her charm viewers haven’t seen. This is why viewers are waiting to see her unprecedented transformation.

The first still cut, released at last, clearly shows why the character Jang Man-wol should be played by Lee Ji-eun.

In the released still cut, Jang Man-wol exudes aloof beauty with her fair skin, red lips, colorful clothes, and luxurious accessories. Although she has a beautiful appearance, she has an indifferent look. Her cold and detached mood cannot be covered by her splendid styling and arouses curiosity about what hidden story she has.

 “Lee Ji-eun plays the character Jang Man-wol with her unique sensibilities and charm,” said Hotel Del Luna’s production team. “Jang Man-wol will be a new and attractive character who has a secret hidden behind her beautiful appearance and ill-temper. Her story will be depicted variously and you can look forward to it.”

Hotel Del Luna will air its first episode on July 13, 9 p.m.

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