So Ji-sub official announcement “Hannam The Hill? Not matrimonial house with ♥ Jo Eun-jeong”

[Maeil Business News Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actor So Ji-sub denied on the report that the purchase of the luxury villa in Hannam-dong is a matrimonial house

A member of So Ji-sub’s agency 51K, disclosed on a telephone conversation with Maeil Business News Star Today on the afternoon of 16th that “it is true So Ji-sub purchased a villa in Hannam-dong for residence purpose last November.”

Continuing “will soon move into the house. Seeing Jo Eun-jeong with good feelings but do not have specific marriage plan. Reports on purchase for matrimonial house purpose is too early.” said drawing a line.

A previous report last 15th caught eyes of the public where a real estate specialist media reported that So Ji-sub purchased the luxury villa Hannam The Hill, located in Seoul Yongsan-gu Hannam-dong, for 61 billion won in cash for matrimonial house last November.

Meanwhile, So Ji-sub admitted the relationship with former anchor Jo Eun-jeong. It is known that So Ji-sub and Jo Eun-jeong first met during the interview of the movie ‘Be with You’ last year and developed as a couple through gatherings with acquaintances.

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