Suzy, partial loss against one hundred million won damage case… court, “pay studio 20 million won”

[Maeil Business News Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Suzy has to pay Once Picture studio, which was incorrectly known as a studio in relation to the case of Youtuber Yang Ye-won, 20 million won.

In the afternoon of 13th, the Judge Ban Hyo-rim from Seoul Southern District Court civil case 12 held a court hearing for the damage suit against Suzy and two people who filed petitions on Cheongwadae and decided partially in favor of the plaintiff, ruling to pay 20 million won for the damages. The amount asked of Mr. Lee’s civil case against Suzy is one hundred million won. The claim against government was rejected.

Last May, youtuber Yang Ye-won uploaded a video insisting that she applied for a part-time fitting model job through her SNS account in 2015 but was sexually abused. Yang Ye-won said she was sexually harassed and abused by about 20 men while filming in a studio near Hapjeong station, Seoul, and a nude photo taken forcefully was released in one pornography website.

Later on the petition board, a post with titled ‘Hapjeong Once Picture Illegal Nude photoshoot’, and Suzy asked for netizen’s attention by uploading the post on her Instagram.

However, this studio was a studio unrelated to the case of Yang Ye-won that Mr. Lee took over from January of 2016, which is after the case.

To that, Mr. Lee said “the process is not intentional but did take a part in spreading the damage” and filed a lawsuit against Suzy and two people who wrote Cheongwadae petitions. He also filed a lawsuit against the government who did not take the post down immediately.

Suzy’s side maintained “it may be a precedent limiting the freedom of speech of celebrities. Monetary compensation is hard”, but the justice department took Mr. Lee’s side.

If Suzy and Mr. Lee protest against the verdict, they can submit a petition of appeal until upcoming 27th and rehear.

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