Taeyeon drug treatment…Internet users support “Thanks for confessing depression, wish we share the pain”

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As a singer Taeyeon confesses her depression, online users worried and sent support.

The last 16th, Taeyeon had time communicating with fans under a title called ‘ask me anything’ through an Instagram story.

To a question saying ‘It is okay even if there are no updates on Instagram. Hearing through an Instagram story like this is enough’, Taeyeon confessed “I have been sick meantime. Please understand the reason why I have been refraining. Thank you. I am sorry”.

To the following question ‘are you bipolar?’, she replied “no I have been suffering from depression. I am getting drug treatment and trying to get better. Whether it is a bipolar disorder or a depression, please do not look at it disrespectfully like someone said. Everyone is a sick patient” in honesty.

Taeyeon added “I started the conversation because I felt like I need to cheer up a little. Thanks to you guys, I received a lot of positive influence. I will be fine. I am sorry for worrying you and believe this also is a part of a process of getting to know each other better. I will care and try harder. To fans who I cannot give enough only the good”.

As Taeyeon confesses her depression and drug treatment through SNS, fans worried and cheered her up.

“Thank you for confessing your depression. Please do not suffer by yourself and share the pain”, “I am comforted by Taeyeon’s songs, but in fact, she is suffering depression. Cheer up”, “a depression is hard to overcome by oneself. Please get help from others and rest your mind”. “when alone, depression is hard to even with drugs”, “considering inner struggle from malicious comments, I totally understand”, “I’m getting tears.. cheer up”, “It would be weirder to not have a depression”, “I will be with you forever”, “don’t bother haters and live cool!”, “Please get over well and be happy”, internet users cheered up.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon successfully finished her first Japan tour ‘TAYEON JAPAN TOUR 2019~SIGNAL~ that was held in 7 sessions in total in 4 Japanese cities: Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

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