I.O.I office said, “For completeness, we’re putting off the video, but we won’t change our comeback in October.”

[Park Se-yeon, a reporter for “Daily Economic Star today”] 

The filming schedule for the music video of the group I.O.I., which is preparing for a reunion comeback, has been postponed.

“We planned to shoot a music video on 9th July, but we postponed the schedule just for completeness,” an official from I.O.I told Daily Economic Star today. There are no changes in the October comeback target, the official added.

I.O.I made their fans excited by making their comeback in October. I.OI. reportedly had been practicing songs that were internalized as the title track, but a media outlet reported on the postponement of the music video shoot schedule, raising concerns among fans.

I.O.I is a project group created by 11 people who took the top spot in the Mnet audition program “Produce 101” season 1 that aired in 2016. And they were disbanded in January 2017. The news of the recent reunion made headlines.


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