ITZY, confirm their comeback on 29th July (official)

[Lee Dagyeom, a reporter for “Daily Economic Star today”] 

ITZY will make a comeback on 29th July, heralding her acceptance into the K-pop scene this summer.

JYP Entertainment made the announcement by posting two group teasers of its new album, “IT’z ICY” on ITZY’s SNS channel at midnight on 10th July. According to the report, ITZY will release its new album “IT’z ICY” at 6 p.m. on 29th July, and before this ITZY will release the pre-release of the music video of the title song at midnight on 29th July and meet with their fans.

The released teaser delivered the superior cool looks of the five ITZY members and a chubby, eye-catching charm.
In particular, Yeji, Lia, Ryu Jin, Chaeryeong and Yuna, who boast the perfect ratio, displayed their “Best rookie” form by perfectly digesting ITZY’s distinctive styling and colorful and trendy concepts.

ITZY, recognized as the hottest rookie in the music industry in 2019, released its first digital single “IT’z Different” and title track “달라달라” on 12th February in this year and made their debut. The debut song “달라달라” MV exceeded 100 million views in 57 days, setting a record of “100 million views in the shortest period” based on K-pop debut group. It also marked the birth of the “2019 Best Rookie” by setting a number of new records, including “No. 1 in terrestrial music broadcasting” based on K-pop girl groups and “Total Nine Gold Medals in music broadcasting,” including seven awards in terrestrial broadcasting.

ITZY, which predicted a sensation in the K-pop scene this summer just by unveiling its teaser, is drawing keen attention from the K-pop industry and fans in its new song and new concept that will be released in the upcoming comeback. 

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