Repeating Kang Daniel’s pitch scene…People praised his lower body balance, calling it stable.

[Park Se-yeon, a reporter for “Daily Economic Star today” ]

Singer Kang Daniel has started his official career as a starter in the pro baseball league.

Kang Daniels started as a first pitch before the “2019 Shinhan Bank MYCAR KBO League” game between the Lotte Giants and the NC Dinos, which starts at 6:30 pm on the 9th July.

Kang was on the mound wearing Lotte Giants uniform, the home team of Busan. Before the first pitch, Kang Daniel said, “Thank you for the glorious first pitch. Good luck for the Lotte Giants,” he greeted his home fans.

After finishing the first pitch without difficulty, Kang greeted the crowd with a bright smile and was greeted with enthusiastic cheers. Commentators extolled Kang Daniel’s pitch, saying “lower balance is stable.”

Especially the commentators said, “It was hard for people to get into the ballpark today,” “I’ve confirmed the power of Kang Daniel.”

Prior to the first pitch of the day, Kang received a letter of appointment as an ambassador of Busan City from Busan Mayor, Oh Keo-don.

In April, the Busan Metropolitan Government held an event to recommend the ambassador of the city for public relations and selected Kang Daniel as its goodwill ambassador.

Kang Daniel’s official appearance in the audience received the high attention of his fans because, he came out about six months after the last concert by project group Wanna One, that held in last late January. In early March, more than two months after Wanna One’s dissolution, Kang Daniel filed for an injunction against LM Entertainment to suspend its exclusive contract and has not appeared in an official position. Kang Daniel recently established his one-man agency, Connect Entertainment and is preparing for his solo debut. 

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