Lee Dae-hwi(173cm, 51kg) said, “I’m eating late at night in order to gain weight, 60kg”

Photograph|Mnet Broadcast Screen Capture

[Internship reporter Cha Yoon-joo, daily economics star-today] 

Lee Dae-hwi, a member of the group AB6IX, revealed his lightweight.

Lee Dae-hwi played a hero in Mnet’s entertainment show “It’s Not Me You Know,” which aired on 11th July. People around Lee Dae-hwi, including Heize, Pack sohyeon, IZ*ONE, Lee chaeyeon, Yoo seonh, answered the question.

Lee Dae-hwi said on the same day, “I am currently 173cm tall and weighs 51.5 kg.
I should gain weight. My goal is to gain weight before my debut. I’m eating late-night snacks and trying to meet my goal of 60 kg,” he said. Pack sohyeon added that “I heard Lee Dae-hwi has a waist of 17 inches.”

Lee Dae-hwi said, “I can’t be patient and it’s hard for me.
I work on songs, do housework, and do housework,” he said, explaining why he doesn’t gain weight.

In the video, Lee Dae-hwi ordered pork soup and chicken feet for breakfast, but people were surprised when he ate them in very small quantities. Yoo Sun-ho said, “(Lee) Dae-hwi has a very small meal. He eats really little, and he doesn’t touch anything he doesn’t like,”


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