AB6IX’s first fan meeting, overwhelming scale…They are good at both their ability and popularity like they are not rookies.

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

The group AB6IX successfully wrapped up their first official fan meeting amid enthusiastic support from fans, proving its position as a mainstream idol.

The fan meeting “AB6IX 1ST FAN MEETING [1ST ABNEW],” which was held in Jamsil Indoor Stadium on 13th and 14th, was held for 180 minutes with the concept of traveling to a resort with 12,000 ABNEW(the official name of AB6IX’s fans)

During the fan meeting, AB6IX performed not only the complete song performance of its debut album “ABSOLUTE,” but also the title track “BREATHE,” which make AB6IX get the top honor of the music show at the same time as its debut, “HOLYWOOD,” which marks the beginning of ‘Brandvewboys’ and “Constellation” that are loved by many fans. In particular, they impress their fans by releasing surprisingly the stage of “Dance for two”, which they had never made public before.

In addition to the stage, AB6IX members also provided a wealth of attractions to their fans including “FRIEND ZONE – Anonymous Question, “which ask some questions to each other, “AB6IX and Chill”, what they solve the quizzes that their fans set questions and other games that could have found various charms of the members.

After the first fan meeting, AB6IX even certified a fan lover by giving their fans some gifts, sending their fans some text messages and posting a message of love to fans through official SNS.

Starting with the upcoming Seoul fan meeting, AB6IX will continue their fan meeting tour in major Asian cities from Tokyo on 21th, Singapore on 27th, Taipei on 10th August, Hong Kong on 24th August and Bangkok on 31th August.


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