[Curtain call]Containing youth, fame, and soul, to the day of success……Pentagon ‘접근금지(No Access), the title track ‘

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Group Pentagon is back with its 9th mini-album “SUM (ME:R)” (Summer). They are determined to “enjoy” the stage and interact with the audience by using their solid skills built over the past time. 

The Pentagon held a showcase at Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Seoul, on the 17th afternoon to mark the release of their ninth mini-album “ME:R” (Summer).

Pentagon’s mini-ninth album “SUM (ME:R)” is the new album in about four months since the mini-eighth album “Genie:us’, released in March.
Hong Seok said, “Isn’t summer hot? As usual, we prepared this album with our passion for fun and hot.”

The album uses the English word “SUMMER”. By using this, they made a new meaning of ‘SUM(ME:R) by adding all three things including ‘SUM’, sum function, ‘ME’, meaning Pentagon and four different “R” formula themes.

The album combines the four themes “Romance,” “Rock N Roll,” “Relax” and “Role,” each pointing out by Pentagon and R, to complete tracklist of colorful attractions.

“It’s our new album since our debut, targeting summer,” said Jinho. We contained things that come to mind when you think of summer,” he said. “That’s why there are so many bright, exciting and clean songs.”

Picture/Kang Yeongguk reporter

In this album, the members picked “something” about the Pentagon, which is literally eight colors. Shinwon “contains our bare-faced,” Yeo-one “contains our youth.” We melted cleanness and energy,” he said. Jinho said “Hip-hop” and Hui “contains our soul and soul.”

“It contains our success,” Kino said. “There is only one thing left, just drinking our success”. Hong Seok said, “We contain honor in this album,” adding, “We hope to gain fame through this album. It may be a humble honor now, but I hope we can get a bigger honor,” he added.

Yuto said “It’s the first summer album of the Pentagon, so this album contains the summer of the Pentagon” Woo-suk said, “contains our individuality, we contain the best color we can do best.” 

The title track “접근금지(No Access)(Prod. By Giriboy)” is a witty hip-hop genre worked with member Hui and Giriboy who is rapper and producer.

Hui said, “Last time While working with Yo Han Han, I heard a lot about Giri Boy,” adding, “I’m thankful that Giriboy thought it would be fun to work with us, too.”

Picture/Kang Yeongguk reporter

He also mentioned differences in styles he felt when working together. Hui said, “Giri Boy is a rush style producer. “I’m a slow style producer who has a lot of thought when I make a song. But Giri boy starts off something at once. So We’ll start from nothing and enjoy our work together.” 

It was my first collaboration, but our harmony was different. “It fits me better than I thought,” Hui said. “Giri boy has a lot of good ideas, so I mixed the Pentagon with my color.

Kino said “Hui has been writing the title song steadily, and this time, I definitely felt a different feeling. “The melody is more rough, comfortable, and I think he used a sound I’ve never heard before. It was an awkward and refreshing experience while working,” he said. 

Hui said “I usually was a charge of the director, but this time, he took charge of the director himself. If I were to make it with a certain amount of planning, Giri Boy was an astute producer and grazing director. The recording was recorded in a free atmosphere. We recorded it with a free feeling,” he said.

PENTAGON has released nine mini-albums since their debut for about three years. Hui said, “In fact, I thought ‘how about to release a single album this time?’ I think there was a burden on the number of nine,” he said frankly. “Thankfully, we prepared it with a mini-album, and we worked hard on it,” he said. “We are grateful to be able to release nine albums in three years.”

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Rather than being greedy for a full-length album, they are determined to strengthen the inner stability. Jinho said “We had nine mini-albums in three years. And there are all we have written and composed except for the beginning of our debut album. Now we thought that you can feel like we’re gradually catching the own color of the Pentagon,” he said. “I think it would be nice to have a full album by the time it’s completed.”

They are set to make a world tour of 23 countries from August to the end of the year. ” Yeo-one said that “We knew that many fans are cheering for us overseas, so we wanted to perform overseas someday. Thankfully, we’ll start a world tour this time,” “I’m so excited to meet fans from each country,” “I’m preparing with a smile in that I can experience the culture and food of each country,” he added.

The strength of the Pentagon when Pentagon thinks is its performance on stage. Yeo-one said, “I think Pentagon is the brightest group on stage. What we felt while practicing this stage is that the members interact with each other and play tricks on the stage.
We want you to focus on the heartbreaking points of the stage, and we want you to think that the Pentagon is a great group of performers as well.”

Picture/Kang Yeongguk reporter

Kino said, “I think the attraction of the Pentagon is to communicate with the audience and share energy with them,” “I hope It would be well known to many people.” 

Unfortunately, member Yan’an has temporarily stopped working for health reasons and is not participating in this activity. Pentagon’s ninth mini-album “SUM (ME:R)” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on 17th.


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