[MK Issue] From BTS to TWICE, the meaning of the release of an idol film

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se-yeon]

An idol group is making inroads into the theater. With the global star, BTS’ documentary “Burn the Stage” confirming encore screenings around the world, the “One-Top” girl group TWICE has also launched the documentary movie for their fans.

“Burn the Stage: The Movie” is BTS’ screen debut movie featuring ‘2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR’. The movie, which attracted fans with vivid scenes of things you never saw on the world tour, held a total of 40 performances in 19 cities last year and attracted 550,000 viewers. The pre-booking tickets was 150,000.

It was hotter than expected. It broke the previous documentary record of Park Hyo-shin, Big Bang and Sechskies in just one day and attracted a whopping 269,065 viewers during its nine days. (Based on the integrated box office network of the Korean Film Council on the 23th) 

In particular, the film, which earned $3.63 million in box office profits in North America alone, recently confirmed encore screenings on 2,696 theaters worldwide. It will also be newly screened in Britain, Australia, Germany, South America, Indonesia, and India.

TWICE joined in this mood. Their first film, “Twice land,” will be released alone on 7th December. “Twice land” is TWICE’s first film to feature the live performance of TWICE’s World Tour “, TWICELAND ZONE 2: FANTASY PARK ” which is underway this year. From TWICE’s spectacular performances to backstage appearances and interviews.

It is notable that Twiceland has confirmed its release while BTS’ “Burn the Stage: The Movie” runs the top box office record

The release of idol films has the primary meaning of “fan service.” For fans who cannot visit the concert hall directly due to physical conditions, the fact that they can see the reality of their overseas performances on a big screen is itself Merit.
On top of that, the back of the stage or the members’ interviews are even more special.

A person in charge of k-pop said “Although YouTube clips will be uploaded for overseas performances, the movie will be meaningful to fans as it will include vivid scenes like the back of the stage,” a person in charge of k-pop said “It is another way for artists to communicate with fans regardless of their promotion, the official said.

Another official added that if it is a special content that is worth collecting for fans, it could be a good point of the new path for audiences who were not familiar with singers.


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