Kang Daniel’s solo debut album, Sony Music Korea will be in charge of distribution.

[Maeil Business Newspaper Park Se Yeon]

Distribution of “Color on me”, Kang Daniel ‘s solo debut album will be in charge of Sony Music Entertainment Korea.

Sony Music Entertainment Korea said to Maeil Business Newspaper that “We are in charge of distribution as well as investment support of Kang Daniel’s solo debut album on 18th.

Kang Daniel will release his solo album ‘color on me’ on the 25th. While Kang Daniel is preparing for one agency activity, Industry officials explain that discussions on the distribution of albums with Korean retailers have not been smooth because the contract with LM Entertainment is still underway

However, global activities are expected to gain more momentum by releasing the album in the hands of global direct distributors, not domestic distributors. Some say that Sony Music offered exceptional investment conditions to Kang Daniel.


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