SEVENTEEN, US Forbes’ exclusive interview, “We’ll tell you our story in music.”

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The group, Seventeen, conducted an exclusive interview with US Forbes.

Forbes published an in-depth interview on 16th July (local time) focusing on music from K-pop and Seventeen under the title ‘Seventeen Talk Songwriting, K-Pop Industry, and Group Dynamic’

Forbes explained about Seventeen, “Seventeen is one of the most dynamic groups in the K-pop group and has become famous for their funky and fascinating group dance, as well as the members have explored versatile songs,” And Forbes conducted an Interview about the Korean music industry along with the musical prowess they have built up so far.

First of all, SEVENTEEN, who thrilled music fans around the world with the KCON stage, said, “We think we were more excited than usual. We are curious how our energy is delivered to the audience, and we want to hold our concerts on more stages,” they said, expressing their desire to expand globally.

As for how SEVENTEEN has changed since their debut, they said, “We wanted to show everyone who we are in the past, but now we think we are focusing more on communicating with the audience. We’ve matured a lot more through our experience with various performances,” they said.

Asked whether they think self-producing is important for SEVENTEEN, well-known as a self-producing idol, they said, “You don’t have to write and compose yourself, but we want to make good music that SEVENTEEN can express. And we’re really enjoying our music because we really like it.” They added, “We hope we can share happiness through our music. We think we can deliver the message sincerely because we are participating in it ourselves,” they said, expressing deep thoughts and affection.

And when asked about the Korean music industry in-depth, they said, “Everyone has different tastes in music, but if you like our music, you will find our music. We think we should work harder. We think our ultimate goal is to deliver our message we want to talk to the public,” they said expressing with humility as well as a distinct sense of value.

When asked about the idea of K-pop’s rise to global status, they said, “As a K-pop singer, we’re happy and glad to think about it. I hope SEVENTEEN will have a chance to perform on various stages someday. We are always enjoying everything.”

At the end of the interview, SEVENTEEN said, “We thank our fans and try to perform hard on any stage so that they won’t be disappointed with us. We also want to be a better person to have a positive impact on many people, and we think it helps our influence.”

SEVENTEEN will hold their WORLD TOUR “ODE TO YOU” for a total of three days from 30th August to 1st September at the KSPO DOME in Seoul.

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